Traffic Simulation

SR-57 Orange County Corridor System Management Plan, Orange County, CA

SR-57 Study Area

The study corridor, SR-57, is a major North-South corridor connecting Orange County and Los Angeles County and is one of the most congested freeways in California. The project involves the development of the SR-57 micro model under Paramics and macro model under TransCAD.

SR-91 Orange County Corridor System Management Plan, Orange County, CA

SR-91 OC CSMP Study Area

Part of the statewide Corridor System Management Plan studies, this project focuses on the Orange County section of the SR-91 corridor, which is 25 miles long from the LA County line to the Riverside County line. The project involves the development of the SR-91 micro model under TransModeler and macro model under TransCAD

LA Metro I-5 and I-405 HOV Direct Connectors Study

The project aims to investigate how to design the HOV direct connector for the I-5 and I-405 interchange in the cities of Granada Hills, Sylmar, and Mission Hills in the San Fernando Valley region of the Los Angeles County. The study site, as shown in the figure below, includes four more interchanges around the I-5 and I-405 interchange in order to better evaluate the benefits from the proposed HOV connector.

CLR Analytics joined the Iteris team and won the modeling oncall support project of Caltrans District 8 (12/8/2011)

(December 8, 2011)

Iteris Inc teamed up with SMG, AFSHA and CLR Analytics and won the "District 08 Traffic Forecasting On-Call" project in Sep 2011. CLR Analytics will provide microsimulation modeling tasks in the contract (Agreement 08A1996). 

Transit Signal Priority Modeling for the Crenshaw Corridor

Crenshaw Light Rail Project Area

The light rail along Crenshaw Blvd will have light rails operated above the ground between north of 48th and south of 59th St. This project aims to develop a microscopic traffic simulation model to simulate vehicles, light rails and pedestrians  for the study area. The model can be used to analyze the transit design and its operation, optimize the signal control, and investigate the interactions among vehicles, light rails and pedestrians.

I-10 Corridor System Management Plan, San Bernardino & Riverside, CA

The study site is the I-10 corridor, extending from SR-60 in the east (including the Beaumont Avenue interchange) to I-15 interchange in the west. The project involves the development of the I-10 micro model under Vissim. The model covers the entire extent of freeway mainline, ramps, freeway-to-freeway connectors, ramp terminal intersections, as well as adjacent arterial intersections along the service interchanges. Inclusion of freeway ramp terminal intersections enables accurate modeling of traffic signal platoon effects and queuing effects of freeway off-ramps.


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