Paramics skills

We are sharing some Quadstone Paramics modeling skills, experiences, known bugs, news, and etc.


Uninstall Paramics from Registry

You may want to uninstall Paramics and then install a new version. However, after uninstalling Paramics from your computer, you may get a message saying you can't install Paramics because it has been installed. This problem occurs when full administrative permissions are not available when the software is uninstalled. What you can do are as follows:

  • Go to registry
  • delete HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Portrait Software and all subkeys from registry
  • Restart computer
  • install Paramics

Paramics lanechoices bug in 6.8

The current version of Paramics 6.8.0 (July 2011 and Sep 2011 versions) has a lanechoices bug if you associate destination zones in a lanechoice rule. When you editing the rule through GUI, you may want to choose zones 1-4. However, the data in the GUI are not translated correctly. V6.8 will understand it as zones 0-3. You may get error message "Zone 0 not in lookup table". The workaround is to edit the lanechoices.xml file directly or select zones 2-5 for the previous case.