Papers on Traffic Simulation Applications

Policy Investigation:

Brownstone, D., Chu, L., Golob, T., K. S. Nesamani and Recker, W. (2007) Evaluation Of Incorporating Hybrid Vehicle Use Of Hov Lanes, California PATH Research Report for Task Order 5315.

Chu, L., K S Nesamani, and Benouar, H. (2007) Priority Based High Occupancy Vehicle Lanes Operation, Transportation Research Board 86th Annual Meeting, Preprint CD-ROM, Washington DC, January 21-25, 2007.

Papers on Vehicle Signature Technology

Shin-Ting Jeng and Lianyu Chu (2013) Vehicle Reidentification with the Inductive Loop Signature Technology, In Journal of the Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies, Vol. 10, 2013, pp. 1896-1915.

Simulation model calibration

Chu, L., Liu X., Oh, J., Recker, W. (2004) A Calibration Procedure for Microscopic Traffic Simulation, Transportation Research Board 83rd Annual Meeting, Preprint CD-ROM, Washington DC, January 11-15, 2004.


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